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About us

The traditions of family business, the inheritance of technologies from generation to generation are the result of the world community's trust in Italian brands. The long-standing history of the Laretti brand, like the history of other respected brands, began with the handiwork of a talented craftsman in a small workshop. Alessandro Laretti, the heir to the founder of the brand, grew up in a family of hereditary manufacturers of kitchen utensils. In the 1920s, the Laretti family was already known in southern Italy for its crockery shops, selling their own product of exceptional quality. Since that time, the range and product lines of the Laretti brand have significantly expanded, including the production of premium quality home appliances. The company became known far beyond the borders of Italy.
Relying on its many years of experience in the successful production of household appliances for the home, the Laretti company is pleased to offer you high-quality household appliances with the functionality of professional equipment, simple and convenient for home use. The Laretti company strives to improve the quality of your life by developing more and more new products using ultra-modern technologies. Laretti's unique style is recognizable thanks to its elegant and ergonomic design. Our main goal is to satisfy your needs and wishes. We will surround you with care and help you feel coziness and harmony in the house without too much trouble.