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Special offer

If during the Promotion until May 31 "Return of the triple price" you bought a Saturn refrigerator and then on one of the official websites of leading stores Foxtrot, Komfi, Eldorado, Auchan, Epicenter, Rosette or Allo found an analogue of any brand cheaper in terms of the cost of one liter of volume, then call the call center Saturn 0-800-212290 and we will refund you on the card triple the price difference.

For example, you bought a refrigerator Saturn 1964K with a total volume of 278 liters at a promotional price of 6399 UAH (23 UAH per liter) and find an analogue of a refrigerator with a volume of 270 liters for 5400 UAH (20 UAH per liter), which means you found a price 3 UAH cheaper than one liter. After you provide a Saturn fiscal check, we will refund you a triple price difference of UAH 2502 (UAH 9 multiplied by 278 liters).